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We'll show you where to find the most attractive welcome bonuses, dive into how much you stand to pocket and walk you through all the options available with deposit and no-deposit offers.

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Safety matters online and nowhere more so than when it comes to your hard-earned cash. Finding a reliable online casino that holds itself to the highest security standards is critical.

We've written a series of comprehensive guides to help you understand exactly what you need to pay attention to when signing up to an online casino and what to watch out for when your account is up and running. 

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Payment Solutions

There are a number of funding methods available with standard online casino accounts that the informed player needs to be aware of to get the most bang for their buck.

The  majority of online casinos have accepted Visa and Mastercard for years now and increasing numbers are accepting popular E-wallet options such as Paypal, Skrill and Neteller

Recent advances in technology have also thrown up exciting new payment options such as Bitcoin and Ukash that many online casinos now also accept. 

You'll find detailed guides to all of these deposit and withdrawal methods throughout our site along with frank discussion of the pros and cons of each one.

Casino Software Providers

Whether it's on desktop or mobile, online casinos increasingly rely on the same relatively small group of software providers to power the core functionality of their underlying systems.

Some of the best known software providers in this space are Betsoft, Microgaming, Playtech and RTG but there are numerous others. Here at BTC Casinos, you'll find in-depth overviews of each software provider to help you choose which ones to favour online. 

Legal Issues

The laws governing online gambling and casinos are significantly different across territories and often change from state to state within the confines of individual countries, as is the case in America and Australia.

In some countries, online gambling is legal across the board whereas in others it is only partly permitted or, in some jurisdictions, entirely forbidden. At BTC Casinos we encourage responsible gambling and urge you to make sure you are operating strictly within the laws that apply to you locally.

Online Casino Operators

Operating an online casino is a complex business but one that is more open to newcomers than ever before. 

We've gathered together essential information about getting started with running your own casino across a range of topics including backgrounds on the technological landscape, casino software, payment gateways, legislation, customer support and much more. 

Online Casino Affiliates

Casino affiliates are websites that act as a bridge between the player and operators of online casinos. They're an invaluable resource for players looking for the best bonuses and special promotions currently on offer.

We've put together a comprehensive collection of tips and tricks on how to become an online casino affiliate and full breakdowns of the criteria you should use when trying to decide which casinos to partner with.


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Issues Regarding Online Gambling Laws Online casinos are very popular among players worldwide, yet it is illegal in most of the United States. However, there are approximately 70 countries in the world where online casinos are legal. It is very difficult to prosecute the illegal players of online casinos, as they do this right from their homes. Typically, remaining within the law is the responsibility of each player, as they are required to agree the terms and conditions of the online casino they choose to gamble in. as it is obvious, it is very important to obey to the rules and regulations of online casinos, in order to avoid any legal issues from appearing. There are some important things you need to know regarding the legality of online casinos in order to make sure you have a completely legal and good user experience when using such websites for gambling.

Watch this video in which is explained the legality of online casinos:

Gambling Laws by Country

There are many countries in which online gambling is illegal, yet there are many countries and jurisdictions in which online gambling is already legal. Although you will find thousands of gambling sites over the internet, it is important to know whether you comply the legal rules before playing in an online casino. Here you can see some information regarding the law of gambling in specific parts of the world.

Online Gambling Laws

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United States

The legality of online casinos in the United States is a matter of difficulty, as long as the law is a bit complicated in this issue. The Wire Act of 1961 made interstate telephone betting illegal and the same rule applied later for online gambling.

Online Gambling Law in USAHowever, in 2006, a new act, called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, was passed, and it changed things a bit, as it claimed that it was illegal for banks and financial institutions to process transactions from US residents in case they were linked to online gambling. This determined many online casinos not to accept US players anymore. Nowadays, several US states decided to introduce new online gambling legislation and regulation in order to license online casino sites within the US.

Watch this video to find out some online casino sites that accept US players:

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, online casinos represent a great business, as online gambling is well regulated here. Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to gamble online in the UK, where not only are gambling sites allowed by law to operate in this country, but they are also allowed to offer their services to UK residents.


The online gambling legislation varies widely thorough Europe’s countries, as some of them allow online gambling to operate legally, while others did not legalize it yet. As the gambling laws differ from a country to another in Europe, it is important to attentively check the local law before gambling in online casinos in your country.


In Canada, the law regarding online gambling is a bit unclear, as there are actually no laws to state that Canadian residents are not allowed to place a wager or play in online casinos using real money. Additionally, there are some provincial governments within Canada that operate online casinos, but at the same time, companies are illegal to operate betting sites in this country. 


In Australia, there is no law to prohibit Australian residents from gambling online, thus it is a legal activity in this country. However, the legislation of Australia specifies that it is illegal to provide residents with interactive gambling games. 

Online Gambling Law - Countries

Explaining the Gambling Jurisdiction and Licensing Authorities

General information

As specified before, the legislation regarding online gambling differs depending on the country, so that there are online casinos that are allowed to function, while there are countries which strongly prohibit the use and function of online casinos on their territory or by their residents. Any region in which gambling sites and such related operators are licensed and regulated is known as a gambling jurisdiction. Each of the existing jurisdictions has an organization that is responsible with issuing and regulating the licensing in this matter, and these organizations are known as licensing authorities. Every online gambling site that wishes to function legally needs to hold a license issued by its licensing authority. It basically depends on the players themselves to check whether an online casino website is properly licensed before using it, in order to avoid further legal issues for using the chosen online casino.

Main Jurisdictions

There are a variety of jurisdictions that license and regulate online casinos. Some of the most popular jurisdictions in the world are the following:


-Antigua and Barbuda

-Costa Rica



-Isle of Man


-Netherland Antilles/Curacao


The different issues in the different gambling fields

Some of the problems that might occur when playing online casino games include not being paid for the money you win. For this, it is important to always play in online casinos that accept players from your country or region.

Casino Games - (Roulette, Blackjack, Slots)

Playing online Roulette is also depending on the country or region. While it is perfectly legal to play online roulette in some countries, it might be completely illegal to do this in other countries. 

As in what regards playing Blackjack in online casinos, it is legal to play it for real money and you can easily find plenty of online casinos where you can play it legally. However, while some online casinos accept US players, there are also other online casinos that only accept international players. Even more than that, you can find online casinos which offer their players the opportunity to play blackjack games with live dealers. However, it is important to always be aware about responsible online gambling in order to avoid any possible legal issues.

Basically, the same rules apply for slots played in online casinos. While you can find some online casino sites accepting US players, there are also a variety of online casinos which only accept international players in their site. It depends on you to find out whether it is legal for you to play casino games from your country or region, in order to avoid any legal issues that might occur.


In what regards the legality of poker, it sometimes differs from online casino gambling, yet many of the same legal issues apply to poker as well. Online poker is legal in many countries, especially including United Kingdom and several nations of the Caribbean Sea.

Here you can see a video on legal issues regarding online poker:

Sports Betting

Sports betting is illegal in the United States and thus it is important to know that US players should not risk betting in sports over online casinos or telephone. US residents who are caught using sports betting online might be seriously prosecuted by law.


Although land based bingo is perfectly legal within the United States, online bingo still brings questions regarding its legality. US residents can play online bingo legally, and by doing this, they won’t break any laws. Even more, they can easily get paid for playing online bingo. There are several legal bingo websites used in the US.

Consumer Protection

General aspects

Unfortunately, while some online casinos are functioning perfectly legal and offer good gambling experiences to their players, there often happens that gambling sites made different frauds, such as refusing to pay withdrawals or using certain cheating software. These are known as rogue casinos. 

Minor Protection

One of the main legal issue regarding online casinos includes minor protection. In most countries, it is the gambling operators who must ensure that specific policies and procedures are implemented in order to promote responsible gambling and to protect minors. The terms and conditions of each online casino needs to clearly specify that gambling is prohibited for minor players and the gambling operators must ensure that these websites are not being used by underage people.

Finding out whether an online casino is legal

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Are all legal?

All over the world, federal and local laws are developed in order to restrict online casinos, but there are also laws that allow gambling function as legal. While the gambling laws differ widely from a country to another, it is very difficult to decide whether all the online casinos are legal or not, so it basically depends on the players to find out whether the online casino they wish to use are legal or not in their country or region.

How to find out?

There are several ways that you can use in order to find out whether it is legal for you to use the desired online casino or not. 

1.First of all, you need to ensure that the online casino you wish to use for gambling is working under a legally issued license. 

2.Then, you need to conduct your own research to find out whether the desired online casino is legitimate and trustworthy. 

3.You need to ensure that the content used on the online casino is original and unique, as fake online casinos tend to share their content.

eCogra Role


eCogra is the acronym used for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, which is a leading accredited testing agency that was founded in the United Kingdom in 2003 and which is specialized in the certification of online gaming software and systems. This means that eCogra gives its best in order to ensure that online gambling is safely used by its players.

In this video, you can find some information regarding eCogra:

Money Laundering

Online Casinos used for money laundering

Money laundering is a very serious legal issue and in many jurisdictions, it constitutes a criminal offence. Unfortunately, it has covered the online gambling field as well, as some people create gambling accounts using a fake identity and place a certain amount of money into that account. Then, they place equal bets in the roulette table on red and black fields and also they place a small bet on the zero field at the same time. After this, the person who is known as money launderer withdraws the winnings from the account and then requests for a document that shows that the money is made by legitimate winnings.


There are some legal issues related to online casinos. Basically, the law differs from a country and region to another and it depends on the player to ensure that it is legal to use online casinos in the country or region of residence. 

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Online Casinos that Accept Skrill / Moneybookers One of the most important aspects of account management for online casinos is putting together the right mix of payment methods for your needs. You want to be 100% certain that you have a range of convenient and straightforward methods of getting money in and out of your account at all times. Here at BTC Casinos, we’ve put together a series of articles guiding you through the main casino account funding methods and this time around we’re looking at Skrill in depth.

Top Online Casinos That Accept Skrill


Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill is an increasingly popular payment solution that lets you transfer money worldwide without having to expose your credentials or credit card details anywhere along the line. Due to its convenience and ease of use, Skrill is becoming an increasingly popular funding method at online casinos worldwide.

Let’s kick things off with some background on the company.

A Brief History Of The Skrill Online Casino Payment Method

Skrill started life as a service called Moneybookers all the way back in 2001. It quickly made a name for itself as one of the leading early online payment providers and quickly acquired nearly two million users in its first two years.

By 2008, Moneybookers had expanded its range of operation to over 200 countries worldwide and the next phase of its expansion saw online giants such as Facebook, eBay and Skype starting to integrate its payment gateway. Moneybookers was officially rebranded as Skrill in 2011, by which time the customer base had soared to 25 million worldwide.

As part of a wave of consolidation in the online payments space, 2015 saw Skrill being acquired by Optimal Payments (the parent company of Neteller) with the Skrill Group itself also taking over UK competitor Ukash in the same year. Skrill has also been making inroads into the occasionally legally complicated US market. In 2014, it became the only officially approved digital wallet for use in online gambling New Jersey, and the United States is on Skrill’s list of supported countries since 2015.

Advantages Of Online Casinos That Accept Skrill

Using Skrill as a funding method brings a number of advantages with it. The first is simply the solid track record and size of the company itself. Skrill has been in operation for over a decade and boasts over 30 million users worldwide. By using Skrill as your digital wallet, you can be certain you’re dealing with a reputable service that has been successfully used by millions of happy customers over the years across 200 countries and roughly 40 currencies.

Skrill is also an extremely betting-friendly payment method. You’ll see Skrill prominently displayed as a payment option at leading online bookmakers and casinos such as Ladbrokes, Bet365, and William Hill – many of these providers also offer very attractive bonuses that are specifically linked to setting up Skrill as a deposit option. Skrill is also a standard payment option on most gaming and Forex sites.

As one of the world’s leading payment providers, Skrill has to hold itself to the highest standards of security and keep abreast of the latest technology. By using Skrill, you avoid having to share any sensitive financial details with any online casinos where you have an account. Any information that is transmitted using the highest standards of encryption and Skrill has also been vetted and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK – to put it simply, your money is safe with Skrill.

A final set of advantages Skrill offers can be grouped under the heading of convenience. All your payment details are gathered together in one place, you can fund your Skrill account with any combination of credit cards or bank accounts that you wish, and fund transfers are pretty much instantaneous. You can even use pre-paid Skrill cash cards to withdraw from offline ATMs. And, for the high-rollers out there, Skrill offers an attractive VIP programme with its own unique rewards and benefits.

Online casinos that accept Skrill

Disadvantages Of Using Skrill In The World Of Online Casinos

It’s hard to pick out any major flaws with adding Skrill to your range of payment solutions, but there are some caveats you should be aware of. Here’s a quick breakdown of the main ones:

  • Fees: Skrill actually stacks up incredibly well compared to other payment providers when it comes to fees, but there are charges associated with a range of account functionality including currency conversion, funds withdrawal, and some forms of deposit.
  • Flexibility: While it won’t be an issue for most gamblers, you’re limited to one primary currency per account that cannot be changed after you’ve set it up.
  • Hands-off approach: In contrast to credit card providers such as Amex or Visa, Skrill will not generally intervene in payment disputes.

Table games such as roulette are popular at Skrill online casinos

Setting Up A Skrill Account

Setting up a Skrill account is pleasantly straightforward. Simply head on over to the main Skrill site and look for the Sign Up button. You’ll need to select your country of residence and language and choose between having a business account or a personal account. You’ll also obviously need to register an email address and password to be associated with your account.

Steps to watch out for here include the fact that you have to choose a primary currency that cannot later be changed. You’ll also have to verify your account prior to registering. Depending on what type of account you’re opening, this could be as simple as clicking on a link in a verification confirmation email, or you may be required to upload information such as personal ID and a Certificate of Incorporation for business accounts. You’ll also have to verify an initial transaction when adding payment methods to your account.

Alternatives To Skrill For Funding Online Casino Accounts

Skrill is a great option to have available when you’re funding your online casino account but it’s far from the only possibility available to you. As part of a balanced approach to managing your money, we recommend using at least two primary payment methods. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other options at your disposal:

  • Wire transfer is an alternative to Skrill for online casinos Electronic wire transfer: Wire transfer is the grand old man of online funds transfer methods, but it’s as effective and straightforward today as it’s ever been. This is a particularly useful method to use when you’re transferring large amounts of money either in or out of your casino account. You’ll want to be particularly certain that you’re dealing with a reputable casino when using this method.
  • PayPal can be used as an alternative to Skrill for online casinos PayPal: Skrill’s most direct competitor is almost certainly the online giant PayPal and there’s no reason you shouldn’t run both options concurrently. PayPal enjoys an excellent reputation for security, speed and convenience and is accepted at an enormous range of online merchants worldwide in addition to being a staple of online casinos.
  • Online casinos that accept Skrill also accept credit cards Credit cards: In addition to direct transfer and e-wallets, there is also a lot to be said for including traditional credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or Amex in the mix. In addition to the security and flexibility they offer, you also stand to benefit from the attractive rewards programs that most credit card providers typically offer.

Opening a Skrill account for your online casino is simple

Other Places You Can Use Skrill Besides Online Casinos

Skrill is a great solution for funding your online casino account but it’s also an incredibly handy payment method across a range of other related online services. Here’s a quick list of the more obvious ones:

  • Sportsbook betting: Due to its popularity with gamblers and the company’s strong track record within the gaming industry, you’ll find Skrill accepted at the vast majority of online sportsbook outfits.
  • Forex trading: If you’re tempted to explore the complexities of currency arbitrage, you’ll find that Skrill is widely accepted at most Forex trading sites.
  • Online bingo: Along with options such as Ukash (where applicable) and Neteller, Skrill is a popular funding method at most of the larger online bingo operations.

As the world becomes ever more digital, maintaining a small but carefully selected list of online e-wallets is an increasingly sensible idea when it comes to both funding your online casino accounts and generally navigating the world of e-commerce.

We hope the information above has convinced you to investigate Skrill further and have no hesitation in recommending it as a convenient and low-fee casino account funding option. Be sure to check out our lists of reputable casinos that accept Skrill to help you choose the right place to responsibly enjoy your gambling.

Check Out Our List Of The Best Online Casinos That Accept Skrill!

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Online Casinos that Accept Neteller The last decade has seen an explosive growth in online casino gaming. Much of the popularity of the new wave of online gambling options can be explained by the convenience and ease of access new technology affords. In contrast to having to physically get yourself to a brick-and-mortar casino (a literal impossibility in many jurisdictions), players are free to access the full range of traditional table games from the comfort of wherever they happen to be.

List of Online casinos that accept Neteller:


Along with modern online casino software, the emergence of a new generation of online payment methods has played a crucial role in making online casinos an option for all. It’s simply never been easier to transfer funds in or out of an account from virtually anywhere on earth, a situation that would have been literally unthinkable even fifteen years ago.

Here at BTC Casinos, we’ve put together a comprehensive series of articles covering all the most popular online casino payment methods out there and this time around we’re dealing with the popular online e-wallet provider Neteller. Neteller is a particular favourite of many online gamblers due to their active acceptance of casino and sportsbook business.

Let’s start with some background on the company itself.

Some Background on Neteller

Neteller is one of the most prominent e-money and e-wallet providers catering specifically to the needs of online casinos around the world. The company is part of the wider Paysafe Group and was originally founded in Canada back in 1999. A move to the Isle of Man followed in 2004.

Neteller quickly established a name for itself as a leading payment facilitator in the online gambling industry and was soon responsible for processing payments for over three-quarters of the then nascent online gambling industry. A large proportion of Netellers initial user base was comprised of US gamblers prior to their eventual exit from that market.

The company has since expanded their operations worldwide and the acquisition of rival Skrill by their parent company indicates that they will continue to be at the forefront of consolidation in the online payments industry.

Finding Online Casinos That Accept Neteller

Finding an online casino that accepts Neteller is a relatively straightforward affair. The vast majority of online casinos, particularly in Europe, will happily accept Neteller accounts. A quick look around giants of the online casino industry such as Bet365, Ladbrokes, and William Hill should be enough to show how widely accepted the payment platform is.

Neteller currently supports the setting up of accounts in 26 major currencies and provides over 40 methods for actually transferring money in and out of your Neteller account. That combination of flexibility and convenience makes it a natural fit for many online gamblers.

As with other widely accepted payment methods such as PayPal, the mere acceptance of Neteller in an online casino is not a guarantee of excellent service in itself. You should be careful to fully vet any Neteller casino you may be considering opening an account with prior to proceeding further. Be sure to check the casino’s online reputation, carefully review their terms and conditions, and make sure adequate online support options are available.

Online casinos that accept Neteller - 888

Advantages Of Online Casinos That Accept Neteller

As a quick and easy online e-wallet, Neteller brings a number of advantages with it. Let’s step through the main ones:

  • Information privacy: Using a Neteller account puts a layer of privacy between your personal financial details and the casino providers you use. You’re free to load your account via credit or debit cards without having to expose those details directly to third party providers.
  • Security: As one of the largest online payment providers, Neteller is a natural target for crackers and hackers worldwide and have created best-in-breed security procedures as a result. With a Neteller account, you can be confident that your funds are protected by some of the most secure systems in the business. Neteller is also regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK which guarantees the highest standards of probity are being matched.
  • Setting up a Neteller account for online casino use is straightforward.

Signing Up To A Neteller Account And Adding Funds

Signing up to a Neteller account is a simple and transparent procedure that can take as little as a couple of minutes.

Firstly, you’ll need to choose a primary email address or Facebook account to use as your main login method. From there, you’ll be prompted to complete your personal details and select your primary account currency. At this point your account is registered but unverified which means the amount of functionality available to you will be limited.

The next step is verification which can be achieved by uploading a copy of your password or driver’s licence to your account. Verification will typically take at least twenty-four hours from there and once it’s complete you’re free to add funds to your account. You’ve got a wide range of choices for adding cash to your account and can choose from popular methods such as local bank transfer, credit card transfer, and even prepaid voucher services such as UKash.

Once you’ve added funds to your Neteller account, getting them into your actual online casino account couldn’t be simpler. It’s generally just a question of choosing Neteller as one of your funding options via the casino’s backend and entering your Account ID and and Secure ID. Once you’ve selected the amount you wish to deposit, you should receive a confirmation within minutes and the money will be instantly available in your online casino account.

Withdrawing Funds To Your Neteller Account And Fees

Getting money out of your online casino account back to Neteller is similarly straightforward. Simply select withdrawal from within your casino’s cashier interface, pick Neteller as your withdrawal method and enter your details as described above. Again, you can expect the transfer of funds to be nearly instantaneous.

As with any payment method, there will inevitably be fees involved with using Neteller. The first thing to check is whether withdrawal fees are being applied by your online casino of choice. When it comes to Neteller itself, you can expect to pay an additional 2.95% fee on any transactions involving currency conversion. If you fail to maintain a regular balance in Neteller account, you may also be liable for an additional administrative fee.

Alternative online casino funding methods Neteller

Online Casino Payment Alternatives To Neteller

Having a Neteller account is an excellent option to have as part of your overall casino funding strategy but there are obviously many other providers you can also add into the mix. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common alternatives:

  • Credit cards are a popular alternative to Neteller in online casinosCredit cards: Credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa are incredibly popular choices for online casino funding for very good reason – it’s hard to beat their combination of flexibility, convenience and security. They also bring the added advantage of offering incredibly attractive bonus offers and reward programs for ongoing use.
  • Use PayPal as alternative in online Neteller casinosPayPal: Neteller is far from the only e-wallet option that’s widely accepted at most online casinos, the other big beast in this space is famously PayPal. This online payments giant is popular in casinos and across the online commerce arena and offers incredibly speedy transactions and top-notch security.
  • Wire transfer in online Neteller casinosWire transfer: Despite the enormous rise in alternative payment platforms over the years, good old-fashioned wire transfer is still accepted by virtually every online casino. It’s a slightly more clunky option than the ones discussed above but still a very viable alternative when it comes to larger sums.
  • Bitcoin as alternative to Neteller online casinoBitcoin: The emergence of Bitcoin in the last five years has shaken up the financial industry worldwide and many casinos have been quick to jump on the bandwagon. Using the digital currency is not without risks but its combination of relative anonymity and low fees makes it an intriguing option for many players.

We hope the information above has encouraged you to explore using Neteller as a funding option for your online casino accounts. Finding an online casino that accepts Neteller has never been easier and the range of options we recommend here on the site will get you off to a great start in that regard.

Check Out Our List Of Online Casinos That Accept Neteller!

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The Best online Casino deals for the global audience The world wide web is absolutely overcrowded, and this goes for the Online gambling scenes. There are hundreds of thousands of Online casinos and gambling platforms out there, and it is extremely important for a gamer to understand which one to trust.

The first thing you should understand is that online gambling isn’t regulated everywhere. The most reliable online casinos are safe because they are based in countries where the local government regulates and protects online gambling. Before signing up to any online casino, make sure to understand how that platform works. Where is it based? What are the local gambling policies?

Reviews and online gambling communities can offer support and help. 

Best Online Casinos Deals:


Ok, now that you have found a safe and reliable online casino, the next step is to find the one that offers the best deals and opportunities! Many online casinos offer a “welcome bonus” to newcomers, and this can be a great way to start playing without spending a lot of your hard-earned cash. You can have a look around and check for the best deals and bonuses. Pricing might also vary from platform to platform, so it’s always better to compare. Most online casinos offer free trials. This is a great way to see if a platform is a great fit!

Online Casino Deals

How to play Online Casino Games?

There are so many different online casino games out there, and each and every single one of them has different rules and pattern. The trick is to find the one that fits best to you! Most online platforms usually offer the same games as you would expect to find in the best land-based casinos…just with a slightly different twist: you can enjoy them directly from the comfort of your home!

In spite of the wide variety of games, all of them have something in common: In order to play, you need to find an online casino and sign up! There are many different online casinos and gambling platforms on the web, you just need to find the one that seems suitable for you. A quick search on the web for reviews and opinions might also help. You want to make sure that you are playing in complete safety! In order to get familiar with the games and their different processes before starting to use your real money, a wide range of online casinos will actually allow you to perform trials for free or with a “welcome bonus”, depending on the platform. This is a great way to learn the dynamics and rhythms of new games without wasting your money!

{loadposition readmore}

On other articles I wrote about the online casinos that give the best payouts and my best advice for the newbies is to read it, along with this article it will give you an almost complete understanding of things. 

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Best Online Casinos Payouts When you’re looking around for the best online casino to play at, there are a lot of factors that have to be taken on board – chief among them is, of course, the payout rate.

Online casinos with good payout ratio:


There’s a lot of misunderstanding online about what a payout rate is but the reality is fairly straightforward. The payout rate is simply the percentage of the total amount of money wagered in the casino that is eventually paid out to winning players.

One common source of confusion when it comes to the term is when the amount wagered is confused with the amount deposited. These are obviously not the same thing.

Why Do Different Online Casinos Payout At Different Rates?

As we’ve indicated, payouts are made in relation to the amount of money wagered and, as different casinos have different games and operate on different business margins, the overall payout on offer will differ between them.

For most online casinos the payout ratio is usually somewhere between 95% and 98%. That said, it’s always important to examine the payout rate of the particular game you wish to play in any casino as no two games will be the same. The casino payout rates you’ll see listed online are generally for the casino as a whole, and can be skewed by large jackpots being won on specific games. You should always be sure to check the payout rate for the particular game you’re playing to make sure you’re looking at the right set of numbers.

Online casinos work in an extremely similar way to regular land-based casinos and it helps to think of them in much the same way. You need to be a realist and be aware from the outset that online casinos exist primarily to make money for their owners and there are specific laws that govern how they work. No two online casinos are the same and not every casino will offer the same bonuses or games, or even make the same amount of profits. You’ll need to examine each casino on its own merits and make sure you’re factoring in the particular subset of games you’re considering wagering on.

Finding the best online casino payout is an important part of account management.

Why is it Difficult to Find Good Online Casino Payouts?

There are two issues that factor into this. The most obvious one is that casinos are businesses and there to make money. For that to happen, they need to be taking in more money than they’re paying out over time. That isn’t to say that you don’t have the chance to win big as an individual player of course. Just be aware that the odds are against the average player most of the time.

The second aspect that influences online casino payouts is that they’re an amalgam of payouts across a multitude of games, all of which have different payout rates. How those individual games are played will result in higher or lower overall casino payout rates. If you’re dealing with a casino where lower payout games are more popular (often the case), this will skew the overall payout rate listed. As we stressed above, always be sure to look at the payout rates for the particular range of games you’re looking at actually tackling – these are the only numbers that really matter at the end of the day.

Online casino payouts vary considerably from casino to casino

The Real Truth About Casino Payouts – Are Payout Percentages Determined by Law?

The question of whether online casino payout percentages are determined by law depends entirely on which jurisdiction the online casino is licensed with and which games you are looking at.

Some regions do indeed specify minimum payout levels for certain games but the amounts you’ll see offered are usually determined primarily by both the particular type of game involved and established rates in the market. It’s worth noting that, primarily due to their reduced operational costs, the average payout rates across most online casinos tend to be slightly higher than what you’ll find with land-based casinos.

When it comes to day-to-day play, the payout percentages you’ll be dealing with will not be determined by law, but will be a result of the particular games you’re dealing with and how competitive the online market is at any given point.

Online casino payouts vary from game to game

How Do Casinos Increase Their Payouts

You’ll nearly always see casino payout rates prominently displayed on the homepage of all reputable casinos. These casinos will be regulated and subject to verification and you’ll generally be able to see a verification certificate from the auditing firm that produced the results.

What this means is that the scope for reputable casinos to game the payout rates is actually pretty limited. You may see less than reputable casinos trying to boost their quoted payout rates by use of clever bonus systems and particular types of jackpots, however. Be sure to check the online reputation of any casino you’re considering going with to be on guard against this type of underhand manoeuvre.

Tips for Finding An Online Casino With Good Payouts

There are a number of tips and techniques you can use to ensure you have the best chance possible of finding an online casino with good payouts. Let’s step through the main ones:

  1. Look for verified casinos: When you’re browsing quoted payout rates, always check that they’re accompanied by verified figures with a certificate from an independent auditing firm to ensure the payout rates quoted are legitimate and accurate. This is important for both the casino as a whole and individual games you’ll be playing.
  2. Track down payout reports: This is the next level detail after you’ve established a casino is actually verified. You should be able to find detailed payout reports available from independent organisations such as eCogra that let you really run the numbers to your satisfaction and make a truly informed choice.
  3. Bear geographical location in mind: Geographical location can have a significant impact on payout rates. The level of local regulation, taxation, and other associated business costs will all play a role in determining overall payout rates on offer as some casinos are able to operate on lower margins than others due to local factors.
  4. Check reviews and recommendations: These days there are fortunately a huge amount of casino reviews and ratings sites out there, alongside dedicated forums, that can help you get a quick feel for the reputation of a particular casino and how accurate their quoted payout rates are. Use these to save yourself a considerable amount of time when it comes to research and to narrow down your list of suitable candidates quickly.
  5. Focus on your game: As we mentioned above, if you’re planning on exclusively playing poker, the average roulette payouts on a particular site will be of little interest to you. Stick with researching numbers that will actually affect your play to get the clearest overall picture.

3 Top Casino Games And Where To Get The Best Payout For Each

Some games are naturally more popular than others. Here’s a quick breakdown of three of the most popular casino options out there and where you can expect to find the best payouts.

  • Online casino payouts tend to be consistent with games such as blackjackBlackjack: Easily one of the most popular casino games of all time, Blackjack is a simple game at its core – get your card total as near as possible to 21 without going over. The house edge is relatively minimal with blackjack so payout rules are primarily a function of the core rules of the game rather than anything else. You’ll see very little variation in payout rates either online or offline with blackjack. The key to getting the most bang for your buck is simply to ensure your casino offers the particular blackjack variant you tend to favour and to make sure it’s independently audited and certified.
  • Online casino payouts with roulette are largely determined by the game rulesRoulette: Roulette is another extremely popular casino game where players bet on the final destination of a ball as it bounces around the famous spinning wheel. The house bias on this game is quite small, and it’s another example of payout levels being built into the game rules themselves. You’ll tend to see payout levels fairly consistent across all reputable casinos.
  • Online casino payouts for slots vary considerablySlots: Slot games have come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade online. New advances in graphics, gameplay, and interactive video options have combined to make them one of the fastest growing gambling options online. Payouts vary considerably when it comes to slots so it’s worth doing some serious research. Microgaming casino software rates consistently high when it comes to both choice and payout for slot games with their popular Tomb Raider title being an excellent example of both.

How to Deal With Poor Payouts And Still Win Money

While it’s worth your time tracking down the best online casino payouts in the various ways we’ve described above, there are some games where payout levels will always be relatively poor. If that happens to be the case with a game you enjoy, what should you do?

Luckily there are ways you can work around this to an extent. By taking strategic advantage of bonus deposits and other offers, you can help limit your risks and give your potential payout rates a much-needed boost.

With games that are primarily based on skill such as poker and blackjack, you’ve also got the option of studying game strategy extensively to give yourself even more of an edge. It’s always worth expanding your knowledge base and skill set regardless, of course. Once you’ve made your choice regarding games and casino, the best way to ensure your payout level remains as high as possible is to understand the games you are playing deeply, focus on limiting your risks, and employ betting strategies that maximise your chances of success over the long run.

Not all casinos and casino games are created equally when it comes to payout levels so it’s in your interest to do some up-front research when you’re starting out on your online gambling journey.

Seeking out casinos audited by independent bodies that have comparatively high payout rates is a great way to ensure you have a decent chance of good payout levels, whilst understanding the level of payout and bias inherent in the game of your choice and adapting your strategies to suit can aid in getting the most out of your playing sessions.

Casinos exist to make money, and the games are always in their favour, and it is both important to understand and accept this and deal with that reality by minimizing, rather than ignoring, the effect of that. This does not mean you cannot win playing online casinos of course, people do so every day, and the casino wins overall, not necessarily with each individual.

Check Out Our List Of Best Online Casino Payouts!

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Online Casinos That Accept PayPal Things have changed considerably for lovers of gambling over the past few years. In less than a decade, online gambling has exploded in popularity and become a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

In those dark days before the revolution of always on broadband and omnipresent social media, trying to gamble online with real money was a precarious business and best avoided altogether. These days, online gambling is completely legal in many countries around the world, and properly regulated to ensure the safety of customers and businesses alike.

Best Online Casinos that Accept PayPal:


As online gambling’s popularity has increased, the number of available payment methods has also naturally expanded. One of the most popular funding solutions for many people is [PayPal]( – a secure and convenient way of being able to send and receive money online.

With a solid track record spanning more than fifteen years behind it, PayPal is the leading online e-wallet solution and works with 25 different currencies and in 180 countries world-wide. The company was taken over by eBay in 2002 and spun off into a separate company in 2014.

Though PayPal dominates the e-wallet landscape, there are solid alternatives out there that offer much of the same functionality. The most notable of these are Skrill and Neteller.

PayPal’s Policy Towards Online Casinos

The one potential snag with online casinos and PayPal is that every single online casino accepts PayPal but you’ll find that nearly all reputable ones do. In fact, the mere fact that a casino takes PayPal can be an excellent sign as to its overall security and reliability. PayPal imposes strict requirements on businesses using its services and supervises them actively. If they receive a number of valid complaints regarding a specific online casino, it will ban their account and cease working with them.

PayPal and Online Casinos - Everything you need to know

From the point of view of gambling providers, the most notable fact about PayPal is that it works only with online casinos that have a gambling license in the country of the player. For example, a user with a PayPal account from the United Kingdom will be allowed to deposit from his PayPal account only if the online casino has a gambling license in the United Kingdom. The costs of obtaining a gambling license in each of the European countries is considerable but it’s an excellent sign that you’re dealing with a reputable online casino.

From the casino’s point of view, PayPal puts hurdles in their path but it’s a solid trust sign from the user’s point of view.

How To Work With PayPal And Online Casinos

Opening a PayPal account is a straightforward affair. All you need to get going is a valid email address. Once you’ve set up your basic account, you then have options for connecting it with whichever credit card or bank accounts you choose.

When it comes to actually using your PayPal account with online casinos, there are a few key points to bear in mind:

Deposit and Withdraw - Most of the providers we recommend will accept PayPal for both deposits and withdrawals but you’ll want to keep an eye out for conditions here. Some online casinos will only allow you to deposit via PayPal, for example. Other casinos may impose withdrawal restrictions such as only being able to withdraw via PayPal when the amount involved doesn’t exceed your initial deposit. Always be sure to check the small print before signing up to a casino.

Another aspect to keep in mind in this regard is the cashing out time.  With PayPal, it’s usually much faster than other alternatives (1-3 days), whereas credit card withdrawals can take almost a week.

Minimum Deposits: You’ll usually be asked to deposit a minimum amount of between $10-$25, but there are exceptions to this general rule.

Countries where PayPal is accepted: Online casinos with PayPal options don’t accept deposits and withdrawals from all countries. Locations where you can usually expect things to work are:  Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Sweden. Remember that online casinos can only offer a PayPal functionality in those countries where they hold a valid gambling license.

Deposit Bonuses: Some online casinos give different amounts of deposit bonuses (in percentage terms) depending on which deposit method you use. For example, Playtech online casinos usually give a 15% deposit bonus for PayPal and 10% to credit cards.

Deposit Fees: Not all casinos are generous, however. Some casinos will actually charge you a deposit fee for using PayPal. For example, Betfair charges a deposit fee of 1.5% when PayPal is used.

Online Casino Software Providers Who Accept PayPal:

The vast majority of online casinos are powered by software from a small group of recognised suppliers behind the scenes. Rather than trying to sort through potentially hundreds of different casinos when you’re trying to find one that accepts PayPal, it’s easier to divide them by which underlying software they use. Here’s a quick breakdown of three of the biggest providers.

  • Microgaming online casinos with PayPal Microgaming Online Casinos With PayPal Microgamingis the most popular provider of online casino software and is in use on a huge amount of online casinos. Some of these accept PayPal and some don't. The most popular Microgaming online casinos that have PayPal are: 32red, Ruby Fortune and Spin Palace. 32red is a good example of a provider that is happy to accept PayPal. They allow deposits and withdrawals, have a minimum deposit of $10, and offer instant cashouts. Here’s an example of how PayPal options look with a 32red account: 32red online casino and PayPal
  • Playtech online casinos with PayPal Playtech Online Casinos With PayPal Most Playtech online casinos also accept PayPal. The largest Playtech online casinos are: Will Hill, 21nova, Bellini, Casino Tropez, Paddy Power,, Winner, Eurogrand, Betfair. To take one example, Eurogrand are happy to accept PayPal deposits and withdrawals, offer one-day cashouts, and are prepared to give a 15% percent deposit bonus. Here’s an example of PayPal options in action with a Eurogrand account. eurogrand online casino and PayPal Betfair are another large Playtech provider who support PayPal. They allow deposits and withdrawals via PayPal, cashouts within 24 hours, a minimum deposit of £5 and charge a deposit fee of 1.5%.
  • RTG online casinos with PayPal RTG Online Casinos and PayPal Real Time Gaming is the final software giant that we’ll cover. They’re another popular options with many online casinos and the best known online casinos that work on RTG are: Intertops Casino, Grande Vegas Casino, Slots of Vegas, and Slotsplus. Among those sites, however, it's much harder to find any that accept PayPal. For example, none of the providers we’ve just mentioned accept PayPal.


Pros And Cons Of Online Casinos And PayPal

As with anything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to using PayPal with your online casino account. Let’s start with the plus points:

1. Ease of use: PayPal is definitely easier to use than most other payment methods. You simply choose to deposit, enter the relevant sum, provide your account details, and it’s done straightaway. You’ll be able to see the transaction in your account instantly.

2. Security: PayPal is one of the juiciest targets for cybercriminals in the world but their track record in terms of security over the years is exemplary. They regularly crack down on attempted fraud in both the online casino space and elsewhere. A sign of how robust their procedures are in general is that even during a major eBays security breach in 2014, [PayPal remained secure](

3. You’re probably already using it: PayPal is incredibly popular as a general online e-wallet so there’s an excellent chance you already have a funded account you can use.

4. Licensing requirements: As mentioned previously, PayPal requires that casinos are fully licensed in countries where they wish to allow gamblers to use PayPal. This is good news from a user point of view as it means you know for a fact the casino is fully regulated.

The advantages are pretty impressive and we definitely recommend at least experimenting with using a PayPal account with your online casino. There are, however, also some negative points to consider:

1. Not all online casinos accept PayPal: As you could see from our breakdown of software providers above, not all online casinos accept PayPal. Many of the ones who do not allow it are also the ones who offer the most attractive deposit bonuses.
2. Not possible in all countries: As we noted before, countries where PayPal can be used with online casinos are slightly limited. The territories where it is usually no problem are: Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Sweden.

The Current Situation With US Players And PayPal

The situation regarding online gambling in the United States is still in flux and, as a responsible gambler, you’ll always want to keep one eye on potential legal issues. Federal law regarding online gambling in US gives individual states the authority to decide if online gambling is allowed in their jurisdiction zone.  States such as Nevada and New Jersey have allowed it whereas it’s prohibited in other states. Unfortunately for American gamblers, PayPal deposits to online casinos are prohibited throughout the United States.

Alternatives To PayPal For Funding Online Casino Accounts

PayPal is far from your only option when it comes to getting money in and out of your online casino account. Here are some of the most popular alternatives:

Credit Cards: Both Visa and MasterCard are accepted in practically every online casino. Both cards offer world-class levels of security, convenience, and flexibility, in addition to a range of attractive bonuses and reward programmes. 

Bank Transfer: So long as online gambling is legal in the country of the bank, you should have no problem transferring money to an online casino account or accepting withdrawals from an online casino. Bear in mind that the speed of transfer and associated fees could vary considerably depending on which bank you’re with.

Other e-wallet providers: As we mentioned earlier in the article, though PayPal are the biggest e-wallet provider, they’re far from the only one. You’ll find Netteller and Skrill accepted at many online casinos and other options such as Click2pay, Paysafecard, Ukash, and Webmoney are also occasionally available.

What’s Going On With PayPal Casinos In 2016 (And What We Can Expect In 2017)

Before we finish up, it’s worth taking a few minutes to review PayPal’s recent past with a view to seeing what might be coming down the track. It’s been an interesting couple of years since the online payments giant officially split from eBay, and there’s a sense that some big changes that could well affect gamblers may well lie in the immediate future.

The first point of interest to casino fans is probably PayPal’s tentative re-entry into the online gambling market in the United States. It was a pilot programme and use on most sites is still prohibited in the terms and conditions, but it does show that PayPal are potentially eager to move further in this direction – a move that would be great news for gambling fans across the States if it should come to pass.

2016 also saw the announcement of much closer ties between Visa and PayPal in the form of an official partnership. The move was primarily about bringing PayPal into offline checkouts but also a sign that the company is much more willing to explore commercial partnerships post-eBay than was previously the case. Again, there’s a potential upside here for gamblers down the line if this mood continues – a payment option that’s already impressively flexible looks set to become even more so. Looking to 2017 and beyond, it’s safe to say that PayPal will remain an essential part of your funding toolkit as an online casino player.

We hope the information above has helped you make up your mind about whether to use a PayPal account with your online casino. It’s an option we generally recommend and gives you a little more flexibility when it comes to getting money to and from online casinos, in addition to being a generally useful online payments method.

You should also have no trouble finding a reliable and secure online casino that accepts PayPal with our listings of top-tier providers. Good luck out there on the tables!

See Offers from Online Casinos that Accept PayPal

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Online Casinos That Accept Visa Planning your account funding strategy is one of the most important part of your overall approach to getting the most out of online casinos. Ideally, you’ll have a small and carefully considered selection of options you can use to take advantage of special deals and offers while guaranteeing speedy payment and a hassle free wagering experience. Credit cards are an essential part of the overall mix and there’s no ignoring the biggest provider in the business – Visa.


Visa is a particularly handy option for use with funding your online casino account and in this article we’ll break down everything you need to know to make the most of it. Let’s start with some background on the company.

Some Brief Background On Visa

With roots dating back to 1958 as an experimental credit card program of Bank of America, Visa’s modern incarnation began in 1976 when a number of existing credit card offerings such as Barclaycard, Carte Bleue, and Chargex were united under the new brand.

Visa has gone on to be one of the largest financial services on earth and currently processes well over 62 billion transactions per year with volumes of over $5 trillion. One little known fact about the company is that Visa does not actually issue cards itself, acting rather as a provider for other institutions to offer branded services. It’s a strategy that’s proven to be massively successful – as an example of the company’s reach, Visa now holds over 35% of the credit card marketplace and over 60% of the debit card marketplace in America alone.

Online Casinos Which Accepts Visa Deposits

In contrast to other payment methods such as PayPal and – to a certain degree – Mastercard, Visa cards (both credit and debit cards) are accepted at the vast majority of online casinos.

You can expect to be able to use Visa card at casinos such as Spin Palace Casino, William Hill Casino, All Slots Casino and many others. Setting up Visa as a payment option should be as simple as selecting it from your account and you can use your cards to withdraw funds as well as lodging money.

As with any method of lodging money, you should keep an eye out for deposit and no deposit bonus offers which casinos make available. Though you’ll need to be aware of play through requirements when working out how best to take advantage of these offers, they are an excellent way of getting a little more bang for your buck when using credit cards to fund your casino accounts.

After you’ve established that a casino accepts Visa, you’ll naturally want to do some due diligence on their offer as a whole in order to make sure it’s a worthwhile option to go with. Begin by checking their reputation online on casino forum sites to make sure they’re not known for tardy payments or shady practices. You should also check their terms and conditions relating to payment very carefully and make sure that a full range of account support options (email, live chat and telephone) are available.

The Legal Situation Regarding Online Casinos That Accept Visa Cards

The use of Visa cards to fund online casino accounts is hassle free in the vast majority of global markets with one glaring exception – the United States. The passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006 explicitly barred financial institutions in America from transacting business relating to internet gambling.

The implications of this remains somewhat opaque as individual states – New Jersey and Nevada being the notable examples – are free to set their own rules. As a general rule, you will struggle to use Visa to fund online gambling in America and you may well fall foul of the law if attempting to do so.

At BTC Casinos we are strong advocates of responsible gambling so we urge you to fully research the legality of online gambling in your jurisdiction and make sure you’re operating within relevant local laws.

Advantages Of Using Visa Cards To Fund Your Online Casino Account

There are a number of major benefits for using Visa cards to fund your online casino account. Let’s briefly step through the main ones:

  1. Convenience: Using a Visa card is one of the most frictionless methods of funding your casino account and brings a host of associated benefits with it. There’ll be virtually zero additional paperwork involved, associated costs are transparent and predictable, and you also get the benefit of being able to use your card for a range of other transactions both offline and online.

  2. Access to credit: We don’t recommend using borrowed funds to gamble but the ability to access credit generally via a card such as Visa is a very handy thing to have generally. Regular use of your card can also have a positive impact on your credit rating assuming you are using it responsibly.

  3. Security: As one of the largest financial services provider on the planet, Visa hold themselves to incredibly high security standards and use best-in-breed technological solutions. Their cards come with clearly outlined security measures and procedures you can follow if your card is compromised or stolen. You can also benefit from the consumer protection programs that Visa cards typically come with.

Visa Brands You Can Use In Online Casinos

The Visa brand encompasses a number of different options that users can take advantage of. Here is a brief breakdown of the main offerings you’ll see out there in the wild and that can usually be used to fund casino accounts:

  • Visa Gift Cards: Visa Gift Cards are pre-purchased cards that are pre-loaded with a specific amount of money. These can be purchased at the banks in advance and are helpful in preventing you from overspending your budget.
  • Visa Prepaid Cards: -Just like the Visa Gift Cards, Visa Prepaid Cards allow you to load money onto a card in advance and can be used in virtually any establishment. These types of cards are commonly used by many online casino enthusiasts because they allow you to put a firm limit on the amount of money available to gamble and manage your finances more effectively.
  • Visa Debit Cards: Visa debit cards also allow you to make instant transactions from your bank account. In addition, they also provide increased security through PIN protection and you’ll find them accepted at many, if not most, online casinos.
  • Visa Credit Cards: Assuming you’re staying within your monthly credit limit, Visa credit cards enable you to make hassle-free payments pretty much anywhere online. Speed, security and convenience come as standard and these are an excellent option to have in your overall portfolio of payment options.

Getting A Visa Card

Getting your hands on a Visa card is a fairly painless and simple process. Start by either contacting your existing bank, or consult Visa’s list of card providers for your country. You’ll typically have a range of different options across both credit and debit cards to choose from and the application process should be relatively straightforward in most cases.

You should expect your application to be processed within a couple of days. If you are experiencing difficulty getting a full credit card due to a poor credit record, start with a pre-paid debit card to get things moving.

Alternatives To Using Visa Cards In Online Casinos

Visa cards are far from the only option available to you when it comes to funding your online casino account. We recommend that you make use of a couple of methods in tandem to avoid over-reliance on one solution. Here are some of the more common options that you can use in addition to Visa or wire transfer.

  • Using credit cards in online casinosOther credit cards: Though Visa is the most widely accepted option online, you’ll also be able to use options such as Mastercard and – to a lesser extent – Amex at a variety of online casinos. As with Visa, you benefit from world-class security, convenience, and attractive reward programs with these cards.
  • Using PayPal in online casinosPayPal and other online wallets: Pretty much every online casino provider will accept PayPal lodging and withdrawal and there is a lot to recommend when it comes to using this option. You’ll benefit from near instantaneous funds transfers, flexibility and high standards of security. Alternative services such as Skrill are also popular with casino players.
  • Using Bitcoin in online casinosBitcoin: Though it’s still a somewhat left-field choice for many, Bitcoin is steadily increasing in popularity and more and more casinos are including it in their list of payment options. There is a degree of currency fluctuation risk you will have to learn to live with but it’s certainly an interesting option to start exploring.

Visa is the world’s leading credit and debit card provider for good reason. It’s hard to beat its combination of convenience and security and it’s an incredibly convenient and widely accepted option for using with your online casino account. We encourage you to check out our range of top-notch online casinos which accept Visa cards and wish you good luck when playing!

Check Out Our List Top Online Casinos Which Accept Visa Cards!

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Make a living with poker tournament wages Although playing poker is a fun but you can also make a living with poker tournaments wages. Poker can be viewed in multiple terms. In this article, we will focus on poker for money only. Just forget everything that you have learnt about gambling in past like poker is played for fun or playing poker is a challenge. Just focus on the fact how to play poker for money.

Middle level players are popular for crying every time they are losing during play. There are endless stories to explain you how poker players react when they are going to win or lose the game. Some Canadian Poker players, who play at 888poker in Canada made great profit over the years with this way of living. At the same time, there are few players who understand that winning and losing during play are the faces of the same coin. You have to put your hours for learning poker strategies and winning tips. Only with your experience, you can become a winner. You have to apply or reapply those strategies for taking full advantages of your experience. With passage of time, you lose or make your expectations.

Best Poker Sites:


Story is not same with all players. There are few terms like pots, small pots, big pots, crappy losing day, and exciting winning day. With all these terms you will get to know that money is earned in lumps. Some people believe that you just have to bet and you will start earning money in the clubs. But this is not the fact. For making a living with poker tournament wages, you have to plant the seeds, nourish the seeds, and then cultivate the final crop. For a winner, it is all about putting your precious hours for getting best of poker game. Poker tournaments are not so much different from regular play. You have to learn tournament skills for becoming a winner.

Poker Tournaments are well known for low rake and high skills so there are huge chances of getting profit for top players. But tournaments are available for specific time period only. So it is not possible for you to put many hours during tournaments play. You just have to learn tournament skills in advance for becoming a winner. There is no doubt that tournament games are more profitable as compared to ring games. But travel cost is much higher in case of tournaments. Suppose you have to fly from New Jersey to Las Vegas for $1500 tournament then you have to spend lots of money on hotel, restaurants, and travel. These all factors are responsible for increasing tournament rake at last. Overhead rake is quite different from gambling rake. In this case, you can play poker tournaments online and earn huge money from your own place.

Make Money from Poker Tournaments

For winning players I recommend this great poker app for android, try it and see overhead rake is almost covered by winning amount. At the same time, trip is quite expensive for the losers. Few players judge the tournaments in form of big scores only. But you can earn hourly wages at tournaments if you are playing safe and responsibly. If you are playing well then you have the right to decide your own wage. Start making money with poker tournaments wages today.

{youtube}he_xoIabQCQ|300|250|0{/youtube} Check out the Online Poker Sites

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